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it means no memories, for the rest of the night  (via suchvodka)

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I got promoted to the full time stock position at work yesterday and it feels awesome bc I really needed something good to happen to me and it finally did

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"Why should you worry about the future? You don’t even know the present properly. Take care of the present and the future will take care of itself."

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I just want a huge group of lesbian best friends and we can just sit around and talk about girls and have a good time and go on road trips and just be so gay together and love every minute

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feels so good to be lost in the right direction.

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“People waste way too much energy taking things personally. That Facebook post is probably not about you. It was probably an accident that you weren’t tagged in that picture. And the person you’re dating is probably acting sad because that’s how they respond to setbacks at work, not because of anything you did.”

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